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How to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine


Coconut Oil, the Universal

Have you ever dreamed about tropical sandy beaches with smooth waves and sunshine? The beauty of the beach along with the landscape is breathtaking and there are coconut palms. Always.

But stop daydreaming and get back to reality. I will share with you my favourite tropical beauty tip: the coconut oil.

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts. It is great for cooking as well as making yourself beautiful on budget. Let’s just talk about cosmetics. I use it for everything. There are hundreds of ways to use it: for hair, face, body, bath, sun care, lips and even nails. This is so universal.

Coconut Oil is Something you Need in Your Home

Its unique combination of fatty acids can have positive effects on health. Almost half of the fatty acids is the lauric acid. It can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and helps to prevent infections. Coconut oil has plenty of anti-aging benefits. Works as a natural moisturizer and can help protect the skin from free radicals. You can use it in the place of any body lotion.

Use Coconut Oil for Haircare

Coconut oil penetrates hair deeply and fast, so it is an excellent conditioner. While defeating dandruff, coconut oil may heal your itchy, flaky scalp. (Caused by chemical shampoos or styling products.) It also works as an effective hair mask that nourishes the hair from the roots to the ends. Apply the melted oil to your hair and scalp and massage it gently. It helps moisturize and stimulate faster growth. After applying the oil, wrap your hair up in a shower cap or small towel. Allow it to soak in for thirty minutes or longer. For finishing, use a light moisturizing shampoo. Coconut oil also works as a leave-in treatment for repairing split ends. A small amount of oil to the ends of your hair is enough to give it a healthy shine.

Use Coconut Oil for Skincare

Coconut oil has a very light texture that sinks in quickly. It may produce more nourished and moisturized skin than traditional skincare products. If you try it once, your skincare routine will be forever changed. A few drops around my eyes or on my lips after shower and my skin drinks it up thirstily. It is especially effective on my neck, hand, dry elbow and heel. While your body is still wet, apply a thin layer of oil to your skin. In this natural way you can keep your skin soft without overloading it with a lot of ingredients.

Note, that coconut oil is considered to be fairly comedogenic. If you have a tendency to have clogged pores, it’s better to avoid those critical areas.

Two favourite mask recipes

Now, I will share two favourite skincare recipes with you. (Trust me, I still have many.)

Coconut-Lemon Mask for Oily Skin

Mix 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your face and after 15-20 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water. If you are struggling with enlarged pores, lemon is for you. Coconut oil helps to kill acne causing bacteria and moisturizes skin.

Banana-Coconut Mask for normal skin

Take 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1/3 ripe banana. Mush up the banana with fork and mix with the coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your face and after 15-20 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water. Banana hydrates, moisturizes and lightens skin tone, fights wrinkles and fine lines.

Whether you use it for cooking or applying to your skin or hair, coconut oil is on the list of natural alternatives. It improves your health and well-being. You can always keep some in a little sealed container in your bathroom, carry it in your purse, or pack it for trips.

Always use organic, virgin coconut oil. Always take allergy test – if you have reaction avoid these ingredients.

Love, Auntie