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8 Natural Ways to Heal Dehydrated Skin

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Your skin might get dehydrated due to lack of water inside the skin cells. There are numerous reasons for such a condition. Although it is an all-year round problem, during winter months symptoms may be more severe.

The fact is that dehydrated skin condition comes and goes based on lifestyle and diet.

What Are the Symptoms of Dehydrated Skin?

  • Skin is tight, dull, flacky, itchy, sensitive or may show signs of premature ageing.
  • Can feel oily and dry simultaneously.
  • Absorbs moisturisers really quickly.
  • Pores can be large or small.
  • Acne and blackheads still appear.

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What Causes Dehydrated Skin?

Poor Skincare Routine

Most people don’t realize it, but their favourite skin care products can contain harmful ingredients, toxins and chemicals. These may be damaging, irritating for your complexion that leads to dehydrated skin condition.

Bad Lifestyle Habits

Including smoking, drug taking, high salt diet, caffeine, alcohol, not drinking enough water, not enough sleeping and fast food.

Environmental Factors

Like cooler winter, too much sun, too much air conditioning, central heating and frequent flying.

Sign of Internal Disease

Before any topical and natural treatment, consult your physician!

Consequence of Ageing

As we age, our skin naturally loses some of its softness and vibrancy.

How to Treat Dehydrated Skin?

Rehydrate Your Body, Drink Plenty of Clean Water Every Day

The body requires water constantly. More than 60% of our body is water while our skin is made up of 70% . Your appearance will reflect the quality and quantity of water you drink. Drinking enough water can provide noticeable results to your skin. It improves tone, color and texture and able to refine the contours of your face – within 3 – 5 days. Your complexion looks brighter and more radiant from within. Drink eight glasses of water every day.

 water dehydrated skin treatment natural health beauty body

Quit Smoking, Alcohol and Caffeine

Avoid anything that is harmful to your beauty and health. This includes alcohol, smoke, drug, overeating, too much fat and sugar. Take care of yourself, your body is a miracle system and skin is its biggest organ.

Eat More Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Leafy Greens

We get all the elements essential for health and beauty from our diet. Eating the right foods can lead to a smooth skin and toned body. Leafy greens are super-healthy, packed with Vitamin A, B, C, E and K, minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium, a bunch of flavonoids. They work as a real energizer bomb also for body and skin!

Eat More Omega 3

Add foods rich in Omega 3 into your diet, like flaxseeds, avocados, walnuts. Omega 3 helps to normalize your skin fats and prevent skin dehydration.

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Sleep Enough

The body systems are repairing and rejuvenating the organs. We cannot cheat on sleep for very long without facing the consequences. To keep your skin young, hydrated and healthy, go to bed early.

Do More Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise strengthens the muscles, keeps your body toned and improves blood circulation. This leads to smooth and healthy skin. It also enhances the quality of life and works as an excellent anti-aging tool.

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Use Proper Products

Avoid using products that contain alcohol and fragrance. You don’t need any extra dehydration.

Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize!

Moisturize to hydrate and soften your skin! Use a proper daily moisturiser and a simple, but rich night cream. You will wake up with less fine lines, and plumper, more hydrated looking skin. When you pamper your face, don’t forget about your neck and décolletage. Turn to home remedies, they definitely work!

cream moisturise water dehydrated skin treatment natural health beauty body

Healthy living is the key that will help you deal with this problem effectively and give long-lasting results. Skin cannot be isolated and treated independently from the whole body. Dehydration is a temporary skin condition and easily treatable. Remember, that our lifestyle and diet have significant affect on our body and skin.

Always use unrefined, organic, fair trade products. Take care of your health and our environment. Always take allergy test – if you have reaction avoid these ingredients.

Love, Auntie



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