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healthy habits

10 Healthy Habits to Live Longer and Happier

How to Live Longer and Happier? Have you ever wondered how you can add years to your life, or how to stay young and healthy?...
anti aging

15 Natural Anti Aging Secrets You Should Know About

Ageing is inevitable. However, we can do our best to prevent wrinkles, and preserve skin elasticity. It is a well-known fact, that a healthy...
Smoothie Recipes

5 Favourite Smoothie Recipes

What Is Smoothie? A pureed fruit drink, that supplies your body with fibre, minerals, vitamins, and makes it work properly. Just a few basic ingredients...
salad fresh vegetables leafy green vitamin minerals health body beauty longevity natural food

5 Favourite Metabolism Boosting Salad

Eating salad is the best way to add greens to every meal. These delicious, fresh, crunchy ingredients help you with digestion and may speed...

How to Get a Healthy Body

8 Basic Health Principles Fit body, glowing skin and balanced mood – everybody wants to achieve them. Our lifestyle and diet have significant affect on...