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How to Get a Healthy Body


8 Basic Health Principles

Fit body, glowing skin and balanced mood – everybody wants to achieve them. Our lifestyle and diet have significant affect on our body and soul, so let’s get to know the basic principles.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is an essential part of life. Every cell in your body requires oxygen in order to function. Fresh air contains negative ions which help to immune system to fight disease. Pure, fresh air also brings life to the skin. Deep breathing should be part of your morning routine. Always pay attention to proper body position!

Fresh Water

The body requires water constantly. More than 60% of our body is water while our skin is made up of 70%. Your appearance will reflect the quality and quantity of water you drink. Drink eight glasses of water every day.


Sun is one of nature’s most healing agents. It destroys bacteria and helps prevent infections. Good to know that your body is able to produce its own vitamin D from direct sunlight. Moderate, unprotected sun exposure is essential for good health. Yet using proper sunscreen is advised to avoid sun damage and premature ageing.


Daily exercise enhances the quality of life and it has been shown to be an excellent anti-aging tool. Moderate exercise every day strengthens the muscles and greatly improves blood circulation. If you have no other option: walk! There is no exercise that can take the place of walking.

Good Diet

We are built up from the food we eat. Each organ of the body requires its share of nutrition, since it is vital for good health. From our diet we will obtain all the elements essential for health and beauty. Including minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, fats and water. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains along with beans, legumes and seeds should be making the greater proportion of our meals.

Enough Sleep

When we sleep certain areas of our brain switch off while others turn on. The body systems are repairing and rejuvenating the organs. We cannot cheat on sleep for very long without facing the consequences. To keep your skin young and healthy, go to bed early.


Avoid anything that is harmful to your health. This includes alcohol, smoke, drug, overeating, too much fat and sugar. Take care of yourself, your body is a miracle system.

Good Mood

Research has shown that spirituality helps to control stress, protect against certain diseases, strengthen the immune system. Stay calm and handle difficult situation with trust and confident. Your health and appearance will reflect this attitude.

These simple principles of natural health keep you fit and fresh!

Love, Auntie