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8 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Are you desperately struggling with Stretch Marks and curious about how to get rid of them? Your skin is the first thing people see when they look at you, and it is not perfect? Well, then you are not alone. Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it’s overstretched fine lines appear.

Don’t worry, most of us don’t have luminous, taut, and even-toned skin. However, we can work on it.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks – or striae – appear when you rapidly gain or lose weight. The lower layer of your skin becomes stretched over the expanding parts and you may get fine lines on the body. They appear as linear and most often found on the breasts, abdomen, hips, and thighs.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

You may develop Stretch Marks, as the collagen and elastin fibres in your skin diminish and your complexion loses its natural elasticity. Collagen and elastin are responsible for your skin’s ability to keep its normal shape during weight gain and slow weight loss.

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“You can’t help the genetics, but you are able to change your lifestyle.”

Weight Gain

When you rapidly weight gain, your skin is overstretched, and the normal production of collagen is disrupted. As a result Stretch Marks may form.

Skin Condition

Well, skin condition is a factor. You can’t help the genetics, but you are able to change your lifestyle. Topical treatments also provide your skin with the hydration and nourishment.


The ageing process reduces collagen and elastin production in your skin. Your complexion naturally loses some of its softness and vibrancy.

Genetic Factors

If you are genetically inclined to have stretch marks, probably you cannot entirely avoid them. Although with healthy lifestyle, and proper topical treatments you can make them less visible.

Hormonal Causes

Beyond lifestyle and genetics, hormones also affect the body tone and soften the fibres in the skin, which leaves it more prone to developing stretch marks.

Pregnancy and Puberty

Pregnancy and puberty are the two most common times in life to get stretch marks. During pregnancy your growing baby starts to take up so many nutrients. As a result, your skin texture may start to become drier and tougher.

Who Gets Stretch Marks?

Both men and women can get stretch marks.

How Do I Minimize Stretch Marks?

There are several ways to minimize them or make them almost invisible. Here you have some of the most amazing home remedies for skin rejuvenation that you can easily follow.

How to Treat Stretch Marks?

Sleep Well

Did you know that your skin repairs itself while you sleep? Besides healthy and balanced diet this is the best way to get smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Alternating Hot and Cold Shower

It improves circulation, detoxification, skin tone, and immune health. Scrub yourself hard with a dry brush all over your body just before your alternating shower.

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Exfoliate your skin in the shower to shed dead skin cells and promote circulation to your skin. Try the following recipe:

The Papaya Magic

Mash 2 teaspoons of papaya pulp with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply it to your skin in circular motions. Rest for 15 minutes and rinse it off. Papaya is rich in alpha hydroxy acids that acts as natural scrub for the skin care and nourishes skin.

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Shea Butter

Since Shea butter increases skin elasticity, it is the ideal protection against stretch marks and sagging. Apply some butter to the stretch marks and gently massage the area for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat it daily for a minimum of one month to notice positive results.

Argan for Body and Bath Oil

Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This “moroccan gold” has amazing healing, conditioning and repairing properties. Create a luxurious bath oil from organic Argan oil. Just a few drops into the water help to replace the moisture lost from the skin through bathing. If you prefer shower instead of bath, use it as a body oil. While your body is still wet, apply a thin layer of oil to seal in the moisture.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil with it’s very light texture sinks in quickly and may produce nourished and moisturized skin. Apply a thin layer of oil to your skin while your body is still wet. In this natural way you can keep your skin soft without overloading it with a lot of ingredients. It works as a super-hydrating serum and helps to rejuvenate skin.

coconut oil stretch mark skin pregnancy body health beauty natural

Professional Treatments

There are ultrasound, laser and radio frequency devices available, to boost circulation, get rid of sagging and stimulate collagen production. Consult your dermatologist to choose the best option.

And remember, always use unrefined, organic and fair trade products. Take care of your health and our environment. Always take allergy test – if you have reaction avoid these ingredients.

Love, Auntie


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